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NOURISH | Native Facial Oil

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Discover a world first complex of Macadamia, Native Sandalwood SEED Oil and the newest discovered rare blue essential oil - introducing the Native Rainforest Blue.

Nourish and replenish your skin with Oil soluble nutrition. Ideal over any of the DIRAMU Serums in the Syrologie Collection. Combining your water-soluble serums first followed by the NOURISH complex is like deconstructing a moisturiser and reduces the need to use structural ingredients such as emulsifiers to hold both solubilities together. Taking a 2 step approach means you just feed your sin wth the natural molecules and not ingredients you don't need. Powerfully simplified skincare, designed by nature, and captured by science.

We tested many of the oils on the market and chose a superior grade Australian grown and processed Macadamia oil because this oil is considered by many as the closest match to the naturally occurring sebum of the skin, which means it can penetrate and deliver moisturisation without a greasy residue. Perfect for ageing and dry skin. Ideal for day or night. It is also a source of Squalene.

The Australian Native Sandalwood SEED Oil (not to be confused with the Indian Sandalwood Essential Oil) is sourced from the Western Australian semi-arid lands. This oil is a stand-out in fatty acid profiles, with a high % of a unique and prized fatty acid - Xymenynic acid, not found in many other oils in the world.

Introducing the newest blue essential oil, Rainforest Blue, harvested from the tropical rainforest and distilled in the Northern rivers/Byron Bay Hinterland of New South Wales, Australia. No live trees are felled to create this oil. This new native Australian oil is a rare find, offering a fresh forest odour profile, and a powerful conscious manufacturing backstory. Gently and respectfully hand collected aged timbers, either fallen or left from the by-gone logging industry, is now repurposed into a stunning world first ingredient!

Light and absorbent, perfect for all skin types - dry/mature, sensitive to lipid dry blemish prone skin types.


All skin types - Teenage, Sensitive, Normal to Dry, tired, dehydrated, lipid dry, inflamed, fatigued, mature skin types.


Apply 3-5 drops after cleansing to clean skin, massage over the face and décolletage area and allow to absorb. Use AM and/or PM.

Layer over the DIRAMU Syrologie Serums for added hydration and nourishment. This combination will feed your skin first the water-soluble nutrients of the serums followed by the oil-soluble phyto-compounds of the NOURISH Oil. This layering ritual puts you in control of what your skin needs, which can change daily. Use an oil, a serum or a combination of both depending on how thirsty your skin is, lipid dry or presenting a skin concern.

Layering your serum with this oil is like deconstructing a moisturiser - you don't need the "extras" that combine the water and oil soluble ingredients! Skin care simplified to just the phyto-nutrients your skin loves.

We always recommend patch testing before your first use. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Avoid the eye area.


High quality Macadamia oil sourced from the growers and the processors of northern New South Wales and Queensland. Native Sandalwood SEED oil is endemic to Western Australia, and the Rainforest Blue is an example of repurposing waste of the Native Rosewood logging era, where the logs were left and are now converted into a world breakthrough and discovery - a new, rare blue oil collected in the Byron Bay Hinterland region, NSW.


Oleic acid (Omega 9), Palmitoleic acid, Palmitic acid, Alpha-Linolenic acid (Omega 3), Xymenynic acid


NOURISH | Native Facial Oil is vegan-friendly, palm oil free, gluten-free and not tested on animals (only humans!)


A unique blend of Australian native oils - Macadamia Oil, Native Sandalwood SEED Oil, Rainforest Blue Essential Oil, with the addition of vitamin E.

Macadamia integrifolia Seed Oil, Fusanus spicatus Kernel Oil, Dysoxylum fraserianum Wood Oil, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E)



Our serums are powered by our revolutionary Cellular Extraction process. Learn more here!


We use sustainably sourced plant materials via an Indigenous supply chain where possible.


We're on a mission to reduce cosmetic waste. Please request "no outer packaging" at checkout in the comment box.


We are proudly Australian made and Indigenous owned.

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We pay our deepest respect to the Traditional Custodians of Country across Australia, to the Elders, past present and emerging; the generations of First Nation people and honour our relationships with all our growers and harvesters, for their knowledge and wisdom, connection to country and their stewardship of the natural world for over 60,000 years.


  • The biggest thing I noticed was the reduction of my enlarged pores on my nose. Almost instantly. I had sunspots that are gradually fading. My face feels smoother with more even complexion.

    Donna, Using VITAMIN C Serum
  • I've noticed there's a fair difference on my skin - it looks brighter and not so red!

    Anonymous, Using SOOTHE Serum
  • It hydrates, helps even out my skin tone, and my face feels refreshed and younger looking!

    Anonymous, Using WELL AGING Serum
  • It's easy to apply, soaks in evenly, isn't sticky and lasts a long time!

    Anonymous, Using VITAMIN C Serum
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