Transparency and Traceability are Our Truth.



“Less than 2% of the native ag+food sector is represented by Indigenous people. Further to this only 0.2% of all Australian businesses are operated by Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander women.”

Diramu is rooted in respect for Aboriginal culture and reaches for socio-economic improvement on country. Every aspect of our range is aimed at transformative change: reducing our environmental impact, creating opportunities to improve Aboriginal communities, and ensuring a sustainable future for Australian native species.

We have created an Australian Beauty (A-Beauty) range that goes beyond our own brand, building a platform for other Indigenous-owned skincare brands to launch from as well…


Diramu partners with one of Australia’s leading extract manufacturers to mentor a select number of young aspiring Indigenous entrepreneurs on their journey to create their own skincare brands. In our shop you’ll see a number of other brands’ products – these are theirs!


The program provide resources and support including entrepreneurship programs, business and marketing skills, product development partnerships, and industry connections to ensure the mentees’ success in creating and launching Indigenous skincare products that will evolve into strong brands with new stories to tell. This program is a launch pad for more new Indigenous skincare and wellness brands, which brings a new dimension to what Australian Cosmetics means. These mentees will inspire their peers and community. We need more women in science and the cosmetic industry offers a range of exciting career paths for women in STEM – this program offers inspiration for young Indigenous women to pursue tertiary studies in this field, where they can apply the science with their cultural knowledge. (from L’s quote in an interview)


“I’m hoping that young women will be empowered to step outside of their comfort zone while also being able to stay in community and do what they love. I hope that there will be socioeconomic changes and that it will contribute to a circular economy that will keep building over time. It’s opening doors to supporting all women in the sector more broadly and this has the potential to impact many lives, even beyond the program participants that we’re currently working with.”

– Dominic Smith, Diramu Founder


“Diramu is inspired by Aboriginals’ preservation of ancient native plant knowledge. It is a national treasure that our purpose is to protect.” – Dominic Smith

Australian native botanicals or bush medicines have become prevalent throughout personal care and the culinary space. With this comes increased demand, and thus a responsibility to ensure their survival. With many of these species still being wild-harvested, they may not be commercially grown, which puts them at risk of being over-harvested or upsetting ecosystems by reducing other species’ source of food.

We work with other growers and wild-harvesters to introduce them to regenerative and efficient agricultural processes, to brainstorm more sustainable ways of producing native plants, to introduce them to new high-value markets and opportunities to benefit from moving up the supply- chain by creating value-added products.In addition to our work with growers, we also procure our extracts from an eco-conscious manufacturer that uses rain-harvested water, and has innovated an energy and biomass efficient extraction process to reduce the amount of plant matter needed for a superior extract. Reducing the demand of native species is one of the easiest steps in easing our impact on the supply chain, which we help our mentors do as well!Learn more about our eco-conscious extracts here!

Our "On Purpose" Promise

  • From Our head

  • With Our Heart

  • In Our Hands

Our head represents our vision to reconnect with the healing power of nature and ancient wisdom. The answers have always been around us, and we are inspired by the concept of biomimicry - nature’s proven mechanisms to solve human problems. Our serums harness the power of plant evolution and deliver pure plant phytoactives in their synergistic relationships as they exist in the cell, to help you love the skin you're in.

Our heart is a part of everything we create for intentional skincare that connects with the communities we work with, advancing local economies in rural & regional Australia, while sharing new technical knowledge about the healing power of plants. We collaborate with growers and partners who share our ethos to minimise our impact on the planet and continue to innovate for more sustainable solutions. 

Our hands represent our connection to the earth and each other. With hands, our organic harvesters pick raw plant materials. With hands, our Native Extract partners use a Cellular Extraction process to capture live plant nutrients, and with hands, we gently apply it to our skin. With your hands we give back to people, the environment and the planet. With many hands, we can create positive change for people and the planet. The future is in our hands. 


We pay our deepest respect to the Traditional Custodians of Country across Australia, to the Elders, past present and emerging; the generations of First Nation people and honour our relationships with all our growers and harvesters, for their knowledge and wisdom, connection to country and their stewardship of the natural world for over 60,000 years.