The Diramu range is created using rain-harvested water (purified & deionised), and also helps to reduce  the amount of plant biomass used by using an efficient extraction methodology, creating more opportunities for responsible scaling and commercialising of native plant crops, whilst reducing the risk of over-harvesting. 

Ensuring sustainable supply of our native species is so important, as it preserves and promotes the very thing our business and so many others rely on - the health of our ecosystem. Our manufacturers implement the science of biomimicry, a new approach to innovation that emulates and adapts nature’s patterns and processes for human solutions. They respect the cyclical nature of resources, aiming to reduce waste and streamline processes. 



  • Use significantly less plant matter/biomass to create superior serums, preventing Over-Harvesting
  • Throughout our manufacturing we use filtered, deionized and purified Rain-Harvested Water
  • Our manufacturer recycles and operates at a Household Standard Waste Collection
  • Biodegradable extract by-products are composted
  • Sourcing Sustainably - wild harvested or organic botanicals
  • Energy-efficient Manufacturing - a rapid process maintaining the integrity of the natural molecules


We pay our deepest respect to the Traditional Custodians of Country across Australia, to the Elders, past present and emerging; the generations of First Nation people and honour our relationships with all our growers and harvesters, for their knowledge and wisdom, connection to country and their stewardship of the natural world for over 60,000 years.