"DIRAMU" | The meaning

Words from Dominic Smith, DIRAMU Founder:

DIRAMU in my language means 'tree'. It represents our connection and respect to nature, people and our planet. The essence behind the DIRAMU Range is to deliver the power of nature, valuable natural molecules from unique nutrient-rich botanicals simply as they exist in the plant. Feeding your skin the best that nature can offer, ethically sourced and consciously manufactured - and on a mission to raise the inclusion of First Nation Growers to create positive socio-economic outcomes in regional areas.

Our serums are simply plant nutrition, uncomplicated and capturing the strength of our native botanicals. Connecting the science behind the ingredients is important to me, for many reasons - it creates innovative and ethical natural products as well as markets for our growers to grow for.  For the past 4 years, I have been working with Australia's leading innovator in botanical extracts behind the advances in Cellular Extraction, a process that works with nature.

We are the essence of “Diramu,” meaning ‘tree’ in the language of the Darug clan of the Eora Nation (the traditional owners of the Sydney region). 

Similar to how a plant moves its compounds, this extraction process transfers the natural molecules across the cell membrane and suspends it in a liquid matrix. This process is responsible for breaking early ground in sharing our native botanicals' water-soluble plant compound profiles. Bringing nature and science together not only creates beautiful ingredients to create new products from, but also supports transformative change from seed to serum. And in this way, we are rooted in science and branching out, continually seeking growth.

A tree never stands alone and neither do we. A tree depends on a network for its survival.  It depends on other species, just as they do on it - mycelium networks to transfer and transform nutrients, bees to pollinate, birds to propagate seeds, etc.

As such, we are part of a much bigger network and are committed to ensuring an inclusive, sustainable and equitable future for all those involved across industries, ecosystems and communities that we work with. Good skin care that is good for our people and our planet!


We pay our deepest respect to the Traditional Custodians of Country across Australia, to the Elders, past present and emerging; the generations of First Nation people and honour our relationships with all our growers and harvesters, for their knowledge and wisdom, connection to country and their stewardship of the natural world for over 60,000 years.